Season 4: August 9-11, 2024

Applications Open May 1st, 2024
Priority for applications is given to former Dothan residents ages 25-35 who graduated from local schools and reside in other cities. Locals who seek deeper community connections and have experience living in other cities are also eligible. Space is limited; subscribe to our emails and follow our socials for first access to applications.
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Take a look at our past season

Season 1
At our inaugural DAC Weekend, participants were challenged to enhance the integration of young adults into our community. As a result, we introduced the Meetup app to Dothan, which is being used by local organizations as a platform to host their events.
Season 2
DAC collaborated with the Wiregrass Angel House to address key challenges. The valuable feedback provided left attendees feeling empowered. As a result, the Wiregrass Foundation awarded a $5K grant to support the implementation of the solutions given by the cohort.
Season 3
DAC joined forces with TIME Youth Dothan to address youth violence prevention and advocacy issues. A wealth of ideas emerged and are in action. Alongside a $5K grant from Wiregrass Foundation, a surprise $10K from other donors were received during the DAC Weekend!

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